Organic Wines

Certified Organic

At Stonecroft, we are committed to organic practices in both the vineyards and the winery. Our vineyards and the winery are certified organic by BioGro.

This means we do not use herbicides or pesticides in the vineyards. We have invested in an under-vine weeder which helps to control weeds without the use of chemicals. We also use a mechanical disk which assists with weed control. During the winter months, sheep are used to keep growth down in the vineyards.  Organic compost and seaweed are applied to improve the health of the soil and we encourage beneficial insects by planting appropriate companion plants.

Water Conservation

All grey water from the winery is processed in our dedicated waste water treatment plant and clarified water is used for irrigating the vineyard. This means that waste water goes back into the soil, rather than being pumped off site for treatment. As we do not use chemicals for cleaning, there is no risk of contamination of the unconfined aquifier which is located directly below the vineyards. Cooling water is reused in the winery.

Energy use

Stonecroft is a very energy efficient operation and the winery design is largely responsible for achieving this. Solar panels at the winery  cover most of our energy needs. High quality insulation means that heating is only required during a short period while the wines are undergoing malolactic fermentation. Winter cooling is achieved through natural ventilation. In the winery, we have recently installed a small chiller unit for the summer months enabling us to keep the reds at a cool enough temperature so that a lower amount of sulphur is required. Maximising the use of natural lighting reduces the need for electric lighting. We have installed a three phase charging port for electric vehicles and use electric vehicles where practicable, customers are also able to use our EV charger.